Brave New World….

When I was in High School, sometime around my Sophomore year, the teachers and administrators began to stir the seemingly unanswerable question:  ”So, what do you want to do with your Life?”

Your Life?  Your…… LIFE?!  Wow.

It began to row the proverbial oars of thoughts… overwhelmingly in a row boat on the open seas, with no land in-sight.

With so little life experience at that time, how was I to find direction on such endless horizon?  The road of basic education had reached its sandy beach, and it was time to set-sail in exploration of new lands.

We follow the clues like a sailor minds the sailing wind vane; sense the direction of the winds and position our sails to catch them and take us……. somewhere.

I suppose we have the choice to seek the well-plotted life maps that others have taken safely, or we can set upon a journey like Christopher Columbus in search of a New World. It is certainly not without its struggles; taking-on water in stormy weather, torn sails, wind-scorched and weary.  Yet, it is not without its sublime moments; when the clouds part, the waters are calm, the warm breeze caresses sun-kissed skin, and inspiring moments of connection with passing ships through the waters.

In my own journey, I chose to seek a New World. The path less-traveled. I knew it was to be a long, arduous journey, but what kept me afloat during the storms was a sense ~~a vision~~ of what I wanted my life to FEEL like.  I somehow knew that when it felt right, that I was harnessing the right trade winds to new lands.

I realized along the uncharted waters that I wanted to have something of value to SAY.  I wanted to have knowledge that I could share with people to make their lives BETTER.  I wanted to provide something that would make a profound difference for others and enhance their lives.  I wished to be a conduit of energy to uplift and heal others on a personal level, as well as helping and resonating with Mother Earth and her many creatures.

In working one-on-one with individuals, I find an immense energetic high as I sort through the mosaic of influences upon their well-being (or lack thereof).  Every case is a unique puzzle that challenges abstract thinking within medical/non-medical factors and higher perspectives to see the whole picture. In order to remove obstacles, they must be identified.

That same energetic rush overcomes me as I have had the opportunities to write and share my perspectives. I am fulfilled ~personally and professionally~ in writing for progressive publications that tether the broad spectrum of realms that we now see emerging in this New World.

It seemed that after an extended sail upon the oceans of time, space, education and experience, my ship reached a sandy shore…. the gentle waves that tumble onto the beach and shush against its hull reaffirm that I have been on the right course.  It was time to shake-off my sea legs and continue the journey in new ways. Writing and sharing is part of this realm.

Here is the latest article I have written for Elephant Journal:

“Do You Treat Your Body like a Junk Drawer?”

I hope that you will continue to take my hand and walk with me through the uncharted lands of this Brave New World. I welcome being a source of guidance for you along the way.  For in helping you, I fulfill myself.  We are kindred souls on this circle of Life.

Cheers……. xxTami





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